Boemska with OCS Consulting

OCS Consulting and Boemska Ltd have recently signed a partnership which will enable expanded services within the SAS software market. Boemska Ltd is a technology company specialising in the development and implementation of software products designed to enhance and extend the SAS Business Intelligence Platform; Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS and HTML5 Data Adaptor for SAS.

Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS™ has been designed and built from the ground up for the purpose of monitoring the SAS BI platform. It meters individual server-side processes for processor, memory and disk space usage, and lets users contrast the performance of their sessions against the overall performance of the server they are executing on – all via an intuitive, user-friendly web-based interface.

With Boemska's HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS, Web Developers and SAS teams can collaborate to build powerful, sophisticated HTML5 Applications with unprecedented speed and agility. Easily build modern, capable Apps - that run just as happily on your phone or tablet as they do on your desktop, using back-end data services constructed entirely by your SAS data managers and deployed to your existing, secure and approved SAS Enterprise BI Platform.

"We at OCS are delighted to partner Boemska Ltd with the implementation of their leading edge SAS AF legacy modernisation and SAS performance monitoring products. These products align perfectly with OCS' commitment to SAS technology and our extensive legacy technology and managed service offerings"

Maurice Aroesti

OCS Group Chief Executive