BP Logix in Vista, California is one of OCS Consulting's Clients

BP Logix – Business Process Management

In its engagement with its medium to large enterprise customers, OCS Consulting has seen a growing need for expertise in helping customers manage and innovate their business processes.  To address this growing demand OCS has invested in developing expertise to offer a range of services from process delivery through to rapid implementation.  In order to underpin the delivery of its services

OCS has partnered with BP Logix to provide a formidable solution for its customers in the UK and Benelux.  In addition to servicing its own customers, OCS is working closely with BP Logix EMEA to open a new markets in the region.

BP Logix is a privately held company headquartered in Vista, California.  Founded in 1995, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the Business Process Management (BPM) field.  BP Logix is the first software company to fully incorporate the dimension of time into business process management.  The company's flagship product Process Director, provides the infrastructure and process intelligence business users need to automate and improve business processes - without programming.  Its patent-pending Process Timeline TM technology enables business users to anticipate the impact of changing conditions.  The solution predicts potential problems in recurring business processes and adjusts those processes accordingly.  As a result, the business is able to avoid delays and eliminate missed deadlines.

OCS' BPM Services:

  • Process Modelling - designed to help create the necessary documentation to act as the base for implementing a BPM solution
  • Process Improvement - using technology often opens up opportunities for improvement of processes that have previously been undertaken manually.  This service examines existing processes in the light of the capability of the software solution and seeks to improve execution where appropriate
  • Process Management Solution Development - Where customers do not have the resource to create their own solution, OCS offers a full design and development service and can additionally take on long-term support and maintenance
  • Process Change Management - moving from manual to computer based operations especially where the processes may be modified can be challenging.  OCS' Process Change Management service supports the change with project planning and communication with a focus of early wins to help build a foundation of early success
  • Process Governance - Simply implementing a BPM solution is not enough.  Each process needs to have an owner who has responsibility for its continuing success and seeks changes when necessary.  OCS offers advice and guidance on responsibilities, how decisions for change may be managed and the best way to facilitate collaborative change
  • Training - OCS' training is focussed on enabling customers to become self-sufficient in developing solutions with BP Logix workflow suite of programs.  OCS offers both ad-hoc internet based and classroom based training
  • Mentoring - Proficiency with any tool requires experience so it's natural for new users to have questions concerning the best approach.  OCS can provide mentoring which includes both OCS' experience and that of existing customers world-wide.